Inbound Marketing Typography through Animation

“Fonts speak louder than words”. At least that’s what a designer believes.

During a creative process at Znbound, we sit, discuss a concept and strive to communicate the same through visuals and typography.

It is amazing how typography and visuals communicate so much about something.

This is all because of the fonts you choose. Fonts create a certain look and feel for your content. Therefore, typography determines how your product or service is communicated to your prospective clients.

Last time, I wrote about “Getting started with Visual Communication for your Brand”. Remember? This time it is Inbound Marketing Typography.

Through animation, I have attempted to communicate the concept of Inbound Marketing Typography. There’s so much written about it, but not much is expressed through typography and animation.<![CDATA[ hbspt.cta.load(448674, ‘31363934-8e12-4cca-b902-3b87485b632f’, {}); ]]>  
Team Znbound
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