Inbound Marketing, You Are Tough At Times

I have been doing inbound marketing for almost 11 months now. Conclusions around inbound are many, but one, in particular, has been haunting me for a while.No matter how good you are, or how good your agency is, you will surely see a downward trend in inbound marketing at some point in time. If you expect inbound marketing to keep producing results week in week out, think again.

Why do I say so?At Znbound, I have had the opportunity to work for a software product company selling in the United States.

It hasn’t been easy, but we were on the right track – traffic started to increase and leads started to flow in. Just when we thought that there will be some predictability in the marketing numbers, this happened.Sudden Drop in MQLsThe traffic is up. (By MQLs we mean, decision stage leads) No changes in the website or site pages.

Still, a 50%+ drop in MQLs in just a month’s time. Through some research, we were able to come up with some logic and reasons, but they seem forcefully derived than logical.

No Conversions from Leads

We define leads as consideration stage conversions.Although the lead numbers are up, conversions have gone down. It isn’t about the sales rep or quality of the lead, but in general, the leads are not progressing towards an MQL.

They clearly lack a buying intent.I guess it happens to everyone and causes are not always related to what you do.Sometimes it has to do more with the recent trends and competition.

Do let me know through comments if you feel there are elements I should look at to solve the MQL and Leads problem.

Team Znbound
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