Still losing with Google number one, isn’t fun

Okay, before heading to what I want to explore here, let me ask you a very simple question. Is #1 in Google part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

No one would say “No” – If the answer was No, then your Inbound Marketing strategy needs to be revisited. Who wouldn’t want to rank first?

Ranking #1 is almost like climbing a mountain, one mistake can take you back to the foothills. New updates and algorithm changes by Google has made sure that good content gets visibility and preference in SERP.

Such updates have led to a phenomenon in the world of SEO – “Google #1 is not enough“. This simply means that despite ranking first, there is no guarantee that you will receive the maximum traffic or clicks.


Okay, let me elaborate it a little more so that it will be easier for you to understand.

There are lots of people who think after achieving no.1 in Google results they have achieved everything and are now going to get large traffic.

Do you belong to the same genre and sitting without any stress? Why not, it’s your right to celebrate such huge success. But dear, sometime things aren’t what they look like.

There are some hidden factors that can influence organic clicks to your websites, and you may not be aware.

Now you might have gained a rough idea about what I am going to discuss now.

So what we are waiting for?

Let’s revamp your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Top Factors which Influence Organic Clicks

Are you the one who is still thinking the #1 Google ranking will drive more traffic to your website?

Maybe you’re unaware of some attention-grabbing SERP elements like Paid ads, local packs, carousel results and rich Answers.

These aren’t only simple terms. They have an extraordinary power which can steal the clicks from your #1 ranking website.

Don’t get confused. If this is your first time when you are actually hearing about these elements then get ready to know them in detail.

Besides trying to achieve higher search rankings, you need to pay attention to the extra click opportunities that the SERPs give.

Let’s know about these factors one by one.

Google Paid Ads

If you use Google search, you might have noticed that sponsored results (Google Adwords) have been taking over more and more of the search engine results page.

Even if your website ranking is no.1 for particular keyword, many searchers will gullibly click on those paid ads to get their answer.

See the image below to understand.


And this will be the case when paid search listings beat out organic clicks and you will feel like nowhere on Google searches.

It is sorrowful for those who are really working hard to boost their website position in Google but when such ads take away your traffic you only feel helpless.

Rich Answers

You would have noticed whenever you type any query or search something on Google that sounds like a question, a box appears containing the desired answer. This is nothing but Rich answers and this is another ruling element in Google search results.

I am a movie freak guy and was searching in google about “interstellar vs inception” and see what I found

Rich Answers

Even if your website contains an exact answer, users will still look into rich answers, because it almost solves what they are looking for.

The Rich Answers often appear at the top of the page.

I don’t think after getting answer from rich answers any user will go to your website even if you are at top in Google’s first page.

So what’s your Inbound Marketing Strategy now?

Keep on thinking and get ready for another crucial factor.

Carousel Results

Here comes another factor, Carousel Results that steal organic traffic. It displays up to 20 results primarily of restaurants, hospitality, entertainment and travel across a dark background atop of Google.

The possible results that Carousel displays are: images. Suppose if you searches for “Travel Destinations in India”, Carousel results will display Indian Best Travel Destinations images along with its name and this way user get to know about famous destinations in India.

See the below image for better understanding.

Carousel Results

It will less matter what your website is containing. No one will click on your website even if you have described about every destination so well.

Google Local 3 Packs

You can’t underestimate the power of Google Local 3 Packs.  Local 3 Packs is the part of Local SEO. Sometimes, you might have seen some local listing in Search Engine Results pages for local businesses.

If you search “Plumber services” in, you will see local listing before Google’s 1st result. See the image below.

Google Local 3 Packs

These local listings are stealing your local traffic from your Google number one position.

Rich Snippets

Another Traffic Stealing factor is Rich Snippets. It provide some extra information in SERP like Author name, Star rating, votes etc. It draw searcher’s attention and emphasize searchers to click on that link, thus boosting CTRs.

In the below page where you will click? You can say 1st, but 2nd link is looking more trusty and mostly searchers will click on 2nd link just because of Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets

According to Catalyst, After Rich Snippets test, Clicks to the site dramatically increased by +150% and this improvement resulted in an increase of visits and page views. (See image below)

Rich Snippets Test CTR Catalyst


If you are doing SEO by following all the latest trends, then well keep on doing so. But, at the same time, also keep in mind the above mentioned interventions that impact SERP results, in addition to all Google’ s policies and algorithms, so that you will gain the extra benefit.

Stay updated with SEO new trends in 2021.

Team Znbound
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