Does inbound marketing real estate have answers to the sector’s problems?

The short answer to the above question could be “Yes”.

And why not? What other options do real estate developers really have?

The markets might improve. Maybe. Who knows? Then what do we do in the current market?

Inbound marketing real estate drives developers to align their marketing to the buyer’s interest.

So, instead of being promotional inbound marketing emphasizes on being useful. This makes good business sense for the developer also. Instead of falling back on the wasteful “spray and pray” marketing strategy that would feature a bunch of print ads, radio jingles and hoardings, without any data analytics whatsover; inbound marketing on the other hand provides real-time analytics to take logical business decisions.

When it comes to cost, inbound marketing real estate campaigns cost only a fraction (compared to traditional marketing) allowing developers to experiment till they figure out, what will truly work?

Are you ready to experiment?

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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