Inbound Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump

This presidential season is just so hard to ignore, isn't it?

Yes, I am talking about the US presidential campaigns and debates.

Sometimes it overhwhelms, but as a good marketer I studied the marketing campaigns of Donald Trump carefully.

After all, some of the world's best marketers are involved in building strategies.What lessons can we learn from them and Donald Trump himself?

Keep the Message SimpleBoth Barack Obama and Donald Trump chose a concept that will appeal to a very large audience and simplified it into a single memorabe idea.

Donald Trump kept his war cry simple - "Make America Great Again". A strong patriotic promise which also hinted at a number of threats to America's greatness.

Such a statement has a wide appeal and the single word "Again" eloquently captures and expresses a fear that greatness may have left the country behind.

Be where your Audience isImage Source - Marketing Insider Group - Controversy can be tricky, but very effective when used correctly. Don’t overdo it and always know your limits - Another lesson from the Trump campaign.Trump has over 10M+ likes on his Facebook Page, 2.7M+ Instagram Followers and 12.5M+ Twitter Followers. He is everywhere on Youtube, News Channels, Newspapers and Social Media.Trump along with other candidates, understands the importance of giving everyone some means to follow their campaign and connect. While Baby Boomers may be more inclined to watch the nightly news on TV, Millennials are more likely to be scrolling through their social news feed to catch glimpses of what they missed throughout the day.Take Risks with Controversies AdviseClever spending by Donald Trump it seems.Are you ready to make your Controversies have been Trump's driving force.Who doesn't love a little controversy every now and then?Trump has been constantly after sensitive issues, pushing them into limelight. Although his attempts have had neagtive impacts due to some poor choice of words, but as a marketer I totally admire the risk and courage. great again? Which one of these strategies will you implement?Do share through comments.Spending Or Strategy?inbound marketing
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