Is your ship (of business) swimming or sinking?

How about a history lesson?

Back in the day when the man was not a social animal but just an animal, he fought ruthlessly to gain a territorial advantage.

The world grew around him, but the animal remained. The battlegrounds evolved from theaters of war to that of markets.

His methods grew more sophisticated. Enter Marketing.  This weapon replaced his traditional arsenal. Instead of cutting down enemy advances he now had a way of bringing victory to him.

You only needed to know what you wanted to sell and talk about it. People didn’t have a choice. They believed you. People purchased your product because you were the only one talking.

The ship was off.

Those were the good times for Marketing.Everyone soon caught on. All of them started talking together. You could not hear anything properly.

The weapon had now started to rust.

Human nature is such that we have a great tendency. We respond strongly when we fail.

What did we do when our voice wasn’t loud enough? Simple. Scream louder.

The trick was helpful. The ship was again stronger than the boat.

Not for long.

Time changes and so do people. The same people were now smarter. They were not interested in listening to the louder screamer. They heard every argument and started to exercise discretion.

Suddenly the ship was sinking.

Now, what? Simple. Give them only what is relevant. Just package it smartly.

We plugged the holes and cleared the water and set sail again. Blissful was the way we sailed till the early 2000s.

Marketing till then did only ONE single thing.

Do you know what it was? Did you notice?


In all these years, we were telling people something.

Mark that.

You told them something. When they didn’t listen you screamed louder. When they started hearing every argument, you talked smarter.

It was OK till a point. But then, a warship entered the ocean. Internet.

This warship was started sailing with you. You might ask, So? Just an another boat.

No, you are wrong. This warship was a huge ship with a lot of information. Earlier I had to go to various ships to gather the right information.

But now Internet was a one-stop shop for any information.

What happened then?

You can get this right! Come on give your brain a wave.

Yes, you are thinking right. People stop listening. But how could have this happened? How can people stop listening?

Sir, would you like to listen to ten people talking at one time or would you like to go to one place and find answers at once? Now you know how this happened.

So now if people are not listening, how will my ship move forward.

Telling them stories was my fuel.

Wait! wait! I think you got it.

You will tell people on the Internet. Hurray!! You got your fuel for your ship.Well, people do not change even if you give them the opportunity to.

But not everyone is the same! Few people can think different. This was the time when a concept like Inbound Marketing came into the scene.

For all those who do not understand Inbound Marketing. Let me explain it to you in just a few words. Read it carefully!

Inbound Marketing is talking to people not telling them.

At Znbound, we try to know people and talk to them. This concept has Marketing in it, but there is no telling theory. We will come to you and talk while you are on a phone, a tab, a laptop or a desktop.

When you need answers. When you want to find the right thing. When you want direction. When you want help from The Internet. We do not disturb people like digital marketing guys.

We will quietly understand your problem and try to give you a solution.  We will try to bring your customers closer to you by talking to them instead of telling.

Our ship is slow and steady, but you know who will win the race.  In today’s world where buying habits have changed, it is the time to understand your buyer persona and talk to him. Listen what he wants and solve his problems.

But, people might not digest this concept easily. Everyone has their own perspective for this concept because for them the market situations are not favorable.

They will move on with a hope that market situations will get better.

But, to be honest, you can not wait for the market. You need to adapt to the present situations and move ahead.

So, do you need a refuel or a New Ship? You decide.

Team Znbound
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