Elimination Approach to Inbound Marketing for SaaS

Inbound marketing is a proven methodology for lead generation.

If you’re into SaaS space, it’s best to focus on three main platforms of Organic search, Social media, email, and see over the time what works best for you.

Inbound marketing for SaaS companies works well for many reasons.

Firstly, it has a lower customer acquisition cost compared to traditional advertising. Thus allowing companies to reach a wider audience with a decreased total spend.

Secondly, Inbound marketing also shortens the sales cycle. It increases conversions by preparing prospects to sign up for a free trial or demo. Hence, making a buying decision before they actually reach the sales team.

In short, it’s a very effective strategy that can help SaaS companies acquire and retain customers, reach profitability more quickly, and achieve long-term success.

We, have been doing Inbound Marketing for SaaS companies, and helping them reach their goal of generating qualified leads.

In the mid of 2016, we started to work for this SaaS company. It provides a Key Account Management Software integrating directly into Salesforce CRM.

We started with a step by step methodology to Inbound Marketing, and then arrived at a predictable approach.

Like always, we focussed on our 3 most important platforms – Search, Social, and Email.

Search. SEO is the crux of Inbound Marketing. Organic search is one such platform that requires in-depth research. Once we shortlisted the right keywords, we made constant efforts over a period of time to build relevant new content and optimized existing ones, until we started ranking for the most important keywords.

Social Media

While regularly posting organic contents on social media is necessary, it’s equally important to do a paid campaign quickly to get a sense of your Buyer Persona.

We tried to achieve this by trying out various possible combinations while targeting an audience. The audience that responded the best was somewhat the one that fit our buyer persona, and gave a direction to plan our future campaigns.


Once we identified our buyer persona, we began to build email lists around those.

After a decent database was ready, next step was to create a good email campaign. An email campaign usually involves a drip of 4 to 6 emails, until you break the conversation, and nurture the non responding contacts in future.

After trying out various combinations on all three platforms, we did a closed loop analysis.

It involves analyzing the results in terms of lower cost of customer acquisition, in order to make lead generation plans for future.

In our case, although email generated most of the leads, but the quality leads that went on to become customers came from Organic traffic.

That’s a good enough reason to arrive at a conclusion.

For SaaS companies having a niche market space, the platform that’s going to give most fruitful results in the long run, is Organic search.

And no price for guessing, why we love organic traffic.

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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