Two Things 2019

Last new year’s eve, I had taken time off.

It was fun. I will never forget. Standing soaked in the rain with family and rest of the humanity at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 2002 in Mumbai at Marine Drive was one other New Year welcome, I remember witnessing.

Don’t you find all this too complicated? I do.So this new year eve (2019), I did something simple. Dozed off into 2019.

Luckily, I got up next morning, all excited for the new year 2019.

Irrespective of what has happened in the past, the new year does create opportunities to try ‘new’ things. As a team, Znbound would also be attempting a few things, internal (for team members) and external (for clients).

At my end, I am planning to keep things ‘simple’ when it comes to inbound marketing.

I intend to work hard on just “two things”.

Do ‘Less’ Content

This will be a little counter intuitive. After all, content is core to inbound marketing. Don’t you think content is overdone and overrated? Lately, I have noticed that I am myself slacking off on reading content. I tend to skip even my regular reading. Video is replacing a part of my reading, indeed.I intend to prioritize more in-depth high-quality data-backed well-researched content. And instead of just leaving it as regular text, the overall idea would be to repurpose the same content into atleast two more forms – video and interactive. Interactive could be tricky to execute. It would either call for an investment into a pricey new tool or maybe we just get lucky with some help from the development team. Nevertheless, it has to be done. Because it could have an important bearing on the second thing that I intend to focus on – User Behavior

Discover User Behavior Patterns

Users are telling us something all the time. No doubt, we listen to them. But, only actively. Most of our understanding of our users is happening during the ‘active’ phase when we are directly communicating with them, via emails, sales calls or chat exchanges. At times, we also do the customary secondary social media snoop research on them. Is that all? Is it enough? Do share (via comments) the steps you take, to research on your users!!!I sense inbound marketing tends to leave money on the table, by focusing just on attracting and converting traffic. That is needed, for sure. But, our users are telling us more. And that too passively, with ‘zero’ pretense. If only we can tap into all this passive behavior. All the available web analytics tools, right from Google analytics to Heap, capture all the data points. There is a challenge, however. In addition to being anonymous, the data points are scattered and numerous. All the data points tell, “What the users are doing”? That is easy. The magic will be in finding out the “why“. Any ideas?

Happy New Year !!!

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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