Growing the HubSpot Partnership

Recently HubSpot has been doing a lot of activities. From the Partner Advisory Council to the announcement of Partners day, 2018.

Znbound has been at a peak with these activities coming up. Our Founder Rajagopalan was nominated for the Partner Advisory Council and HubSpot also did a case study on Znbound.

With these activities coming to action we decided to put it all together in the form of an eBook.

In this new eBook, we have written everything about how the Znbound and HubSpot Partnership happened and how we became a top HubSpot Partner. The eBook also shows how HubSpot grew in India after a partnership with Znbound including winning the HubSpot impact awards.

Whether it’s the success matrix of Znbound after switching to Inbound Marketing or becoming a power HubSpot user, this eBook covers it all. Our designers have put together a great effort and have designed this ultimate eBook which consists of everything you need to know about this HubSpot partnership.

Now, if you are excited about how this all happened, read this 5 minute eBook.

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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