HubSpot CRM Pricing: Is it really free?

Would you believe that there is no such thing as HubSpot CRM Pricing? Actually, it’s a completely free package offered by HubSpot.

Most of you will be thinking that why would anyone do anything for free?

It seemed unbelievable to me as well at first, but it’s true. HubSpot CRM is free and that too forever.

But let’s get to the main point, how can Free CRM help you?

HubSpot helps you in organizing your contacts, keeping a track of all your deals along with the tasks and apart from these it also helps in nurturing your leads and customers.

Here are some of the features provided by HubSpot CRM:

1. Keep a complete track of your deals in one place

HubSpot Free CRM has a visual dashboard which keeps a track of all the deals entered at different stages of the sales process in one place.

You can easily sort and move deals from one stage to another by using the drag and drop feature. Not only this, but you can also customize the deal stages as per your need and convenience.

2. Track Interactions with a prospect automatically

Whether it’s an email exchange, social media interactions or a call, HubSpot Free CRM tracks all the touch points automatically as and when it happens.

Integrate HubSpot Sales with your Gmail or Outlook and not only capture emails, but also contacts in the CRM straight from the inbox.

3. See the contact properties and company records along with the interactions in a nice tidy timeline

No need to mess with an untidy spreadsheet to find the name, job title or company name that is associated with a contact because HubSpot CRM provides all these along with every interaction you have had with a prospect in a timeline.

You can also track activities and calls, send emails, create tasks and schedule meetings, all from this very same timeline. We looked at some of the smart features HubSpot Free CRM provides, now let’s have a look at the competition. Yes, even though it is free it has few competitors…

4. Cutting Edge Intuitive Interface (UI)

HubSpot CRM also comes with an Intuitive Interface. It’s UI is equivalent to Interfaces of top-notches be it Google, Facebook or Linkedin and it has a cutting edge not only over other free CRMs in the market but also some of the paid CRMs.

Competition Analysis

Zurmo, Vtiger, and SuiteCRM are few of the competitors who provide free CRM as far as all the parameters are concerned, that is, be it storage, the number of contacts or number of users, all are unlimited. But still there is one feature of HubSpot CRM which beats them all and that is Support. When it comes to supporting, HubSpot provides full services support.

Take away

There is no such thing as HubSpot CRM pricing, it is 100% free forever. Now you can stop paying for CRM’s and increase conversion rates, prove ROI without spending a single penny on CRM.

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Team Znbound
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