HubSpot Content Marketing Strategy Tool : Thinking Beyond Keywords

Hubspot is an all-in-one Inbound Marketing software that helps marketers attract visitors and convert them into customers. So how do Inbound Marketers attract visitors in the first place? By appealing to potential visitors with the use of Search Engine Optimization.

One of the most interesting and effective techniques of SEO has been deep linking. Previously, when SEO specialists had to go about deep diving for deep linking they needed to make complex mind maps and know the client website inside out. But with the introduction of the new Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy tool, times are changing even for us!

What is Deep Linking?

Interlinking is the practice of providing hyperlinks of relevant internal pages on any published content as an SEO best practices. With deep linking, this best practice is looked at in more methodical way with topic and sub-topic clusters to ensure that no page lacks relevant internal links and the Home Page is not the only page with good Page Authority.

What are the Main Elements of The Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy Tool?

As explained, deep linking is the technique of linking all subtopics around a pillar topic in a structured way that ensures optimal readability of the website to crawlers. The Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy Tool gives users a framework to create all topic clusters.

So the three main elements to keep in mind are:

  • Pillar Content Pillar Content will be the mother page which will be an exhaustive one mentioning all sub-topics in some context. This page should be able to answer the primary questions a visitor may have and if the visitor wishes to have a more in-depth understanding he/she can go to the pages dealing with the other subtopics.
  • Cluster Content These can be any content that can be tied back to the pillar content due to their relevance. This may range from an extremely informative blog post to a relevant site page.
  • Hyperlinks Hyperlinks Ironically this is the most important element of this entire strategy. There need to be textual anchors to ensure that the visitor has a clear path to follow for additional content surrounding the page they are on.

How to use The Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy Tool?

Let me explain how an Inbound Marketing agency like us can use this tool to cleverly create not only interlinking opportunities but also fresh content!

Enter Pillar Content

Pillar Content needs to have a sizeable search volume and should be relevant for your company. In our case, one of the most important topics for us as an Inbound Marketing agency is Inbound Marketing. So for the purpose of this example, we assume that we are wishing to create topic clusters around Inbound Marketing. If you are hitting a wall while looking for this HubSpot provides you suggestions.

Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy

This tool also gives us access to analytics regarding our domain authority, relevancy and search volume for the keyword. Which allows us to double check if the topic is good enough for pillar content. In our case, Inbound Marketing is 100% relevant to us, with a sizeable search volume and 27.76 is our Moz Domain Authority.

Hubspot Content Strategy 3

Currently, we do not have any page which is an exhaustive resource for this and we will have to create a master page.

Build Subtopics

Next, we need to build our cluster by zeroing in on sub-topics that are closely related to our pillar content. Here too HubSpot provides extremely helpful suggestions. These subtopics should be pain points for our persona, questions they should be looking to find answers for.

Out of the suggestions, we were given we were able to get 2 highly relevant subtopics that have considerable search volume and are relevant to our business. The relevancy of the subtopic can be found using the relevancy and core topic similarity. It takes away any of the guesswork and ambiguity we otherwise have to face while doing this manually.

hubspot content marketing

Linking Topic Clusters

Now that we have the topic clusters zeroed in on it is necessary to see if we have relevant content for these. If we do, it is now time to optimize and interlink all these pages. If not, time to get those creative juices flowing!


With any marketing activity, we must see exactly what impact it has. In this topic clustering, analytics are provided for each cluster. We can see the total views of the entire cluster, backlinks generated and how many customers/leads had the topic cluster as a first touch point on the dashboard.

hubspot content marketing strategy

There is a lot that can be done with HubSpot Content Marketing Strategy and it is integral to start looking at keywords more organically with the developments in voice search.

Have you worked with this tool before and seen some significant impact in your SEO efforts? Even if you think that tool is entirely useless, do let us know in the comments below!

Team Znbound
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