HubSpot Cerfied Partner’s Journey: From Silver to Platinum

In the autumn on 2019, Znbound achieved the the HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner milestone.

What a journey it has been? It has been a slog since early 2016.

In March 2016, Inbound Mantra became a Gold HubSpot Partner.

Exactly a year back, in 2019,Znbound turned silver. And this is what I had written.

Silver Partner

In one of the many emails that I receive from HubSpot; last week, there was one which congratulated all the newly tiered HubSpot certified partners.

And amongst all the leading inbound marketing companies that had achieved hubspot gold partners and platinum status, there was one little entry down the list that caught my attention.

Znbound was now the first partner to do this for HubSpot in India.

It has taken work and time.

hubspot certified partner

Gold Partner

The HubSpot certified partner tiers are established and accepted enthusiastically by the HubSpot Partner Community. The tiers are a function of managed and sold MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

  • Managed MRR – The sum of the MRR of all HubSpot accounts managed by a HubSpot Agency.
  • Sold MRR – The sum of the MRR of all HubSpot accounts sold by a HubSpot Certified Partner in a period of 12 months.

To be gold, a HubSpot Certified Partner has to achieve a managed MRR of $ 6000 and a Sold MRR – $ 2100. In 2020, new qualifications will be launched by the HubSpot Partner team. HubSpot continuously updates the threshold MRRs, making it challenging for partners just to maintain their tiers. For more information on the tiers,  kindly click here.

What do HubSpot tiers mean for prospects?

The tiers establish a baseline when prospects are evaluating multiple partners for HubSpot services.

Are the tiers enough? Obviously no. The tiers are only a baseline. If you are a prospective HubSpot customer, I recommend that you follow a diligent process. Because a software implementation initiative will bring with it, many change management issues. Proactive hubspot partners would be glad to help you with a checklist that will help you do a diligence not just for purchasing the HubSpot Software but also for inbound marketing services.

Here is an infographic that captures the spread of HubSpot Certified Partners across the world.

hubspot certified partners across the world

Diamond is undoubtedly the next milestone. It remains to be seen how Znbound makes this milestone part of its overall business plan. At times, it is a tough balancing act between a focus on inbound marketing and growing the HubSpot footprint.

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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