Follow your web prospects wherever they go

Would it not be wonderful to follow your web prospects in malls, gardens or in their homes? Yes, it isn’t possible. But, you can surely follow them on social media channels and most frequented websites. And this opportunity is a potent tool in an inbound marketer’s toolkit.

Hello, Re-marketing!!!

You probably guessed it right. The people who have already visited your website can be followed by showing relevant content / ads on the social channels they visit frequently. When they see your ad time and again, they can develop stronger interest in your brand or offering and can become a lead at some point of time.

Follow your web prospects wherever they go

Why remarketing?

There are very simple reasons why we should do remarketing. Here they are:

  1. Its the most cost-effective way to reach your website audience.
  2. Social channels give it for FREE. So grab it !
  3. Reinforcement always works. Let’s not miss the golden opportunity.

As of today Facebook, Twitter and Google allow you to create audiences based on website visitors for the last 30 to 180 days. The maximum allowed number of days varies for each channel. Here is a quick guide on how to setup these pixels on your website. Have a look ! I hope you find it useful.

Team Znbound
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