Do Facebook lead ads with context – New Feature !!!

It just can’t get any better.

Zuckerberg himself (or someone very influential from Facebook, if there is any) has been reading my blogs. Possibly. Because in one of my previous blogs, I had enlisted roadblocks in executing Facebook lead ads for the purpose of lead generation.

Of the roadblocks, one was a customizable CTA. He did remove that roadblock and now we can customize CTAs in lead ads. So no more, “Download Now” but a very relevant “Download E-Book Now”.Do you know how this happens?

Facebook lead ads context card

Through ‘Context Cards‘.Yes, Facebook recently introduced context cards within the lead ads form. I was hoping to beat Jon Loomer in writing about this, but he is Superman.

Context card allows you to show more information with context to your ad and you can also add a customizable secret – your very own CTA.

Would you like to quickly see how to use context cards?Here is a quick demo.

Step 1

To create a context card in your lead ad form you need to create a new form.


Step 2

When you are in process to create a form you will be displayed a pop-up as shown above after submitting your web page link.

Step 3

Now click on Add a context card tab.

Step 4

After clicking on add a context card you will be directed to a new page as shown above.

These are the features of a context card.

  • Headline: You can show a headline as I have shown ( Demo ).
  • Benefit text: Here you can add details with context to your ad. You can give details in the form of bullets or paragraph.
  • Customize your button text: Here you can create a customizable CTA according to your need. For example, Apply now, Book demo etc.

Step 5

Now click next and you will be given a preview of your form then click create form.

Step 6

Now you can use this form in your lead ads.

Step 7

This card will be shown immediately after a user clicks your ad just before pre-filled form. Once the user clicks on the customizable CTA he will be re-directed to the pre-filled form.


Context card feature has an advantage over the normal Facebook lead ads, in terms of more relevant information to interested visitors. Thus, it would help in generating more qualified leads. Plus, the customizable CTA allows brands to speak in their language.

Possible issues

It all looks good. Doesn’t it? But, did you see what the issue could be?There is one extra step to becoming a lead. While this would mean better qualification, there is a chance that lead numbers (volume) might drop. We will have to see.

Start experimenting with context cards today and give me your feedback in comments.

Was this new find helpful to your lead generation efforts?

Team Znbound
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