Facebook Lead Ads for lead generation, look no further

Facebook is one of the primary sources of lead generation in all our inbound marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to the consumer space.

And I have participated in all the Facebook lead generation campaigns, in some form or the other.

At Znbound, we predominantly leverage Facebook News Feed Ads (Clicks to Website) for lead generation campaigns of all our clients. Facebook News Feed Ads (Clicks to Website) allow you to show a sponsored ad in the user’s timeline.

It has worked well, but it could definitely do better. Because it involves a tedious 4 step process to convert a Facebook user into a lead. The 4 steps (some unnecessary) are as under:-

  1. Ad is shown to targeted audience on mobiles and desktops in their news feed.
  2. If targeted audience finds ad relevant they click on the ad.
  3. Then the audience lands on a landing page, outside of Facebook.
  4. Audience fills a form and becomes a lead.

Because of friction, there is a risk of lead leakage at every step, especially the step when the user is taken to a landing page. We have lost leads, definitely. Wish there were a better way to close leads, all within Facebook!!!

Facebook, it seemed, listened to the wish. Early in the year, Facebook launched Lead Ads to help businesses generate leads without user friction. It helped advertisers overcome the limitations of Facebook News Feed Ads (Clicks to Website), when it comes to lead generation.

Facebook Leads Ads helps Businesses acquire leads in just two taps.

  1. Audience taps first on Ad CTA.
  2. By magic, a prefilled form with all audience details appears and audience becomes a lead with a single tap.

So now, instead of 4 steps, one can acquire leads in just two steps. Just two taps and you get a lead. Simple!

Facebook lead ads

If you would like to understand Facebook Lead Ads, I highly recommend this article by Jon Loomer.

Comparison with an Example

Let me illustrate the efficacy of Facebook Lead Ads with an example. It is in the context of a lead generation campaign that was executed using the above two methods, till the campaign objective (number of leads) was achieved. The two methods were:-

  • Method 1 – Facebook Lead Ads
  • Method 2 – Facebook News Feed Ads (Clicks to Website)

Please refer the graph below.

Facebook Lead Ads v/s News Feed Ads

The results from the above chart clearly indicate that Facebook Lead  Ads outperform News Feed Ads both in terms of number of leads and cost per lead.

The reduction in the number of lead generation steps from 4 to 2, clearly helped.

I would strongly recommend using Facebook Lead ads if you are looking for a fast, efficient and cost-effective method of lead generation. And that is happy story. Facebook Lead Generation Ads have not been without their share of challenges. I will write more on the challenges in my next blog.

Keep watching!!!

Team Znbound
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