Delete Facebook Page - Three Reasons Why !

Chances are that your business created a Facebook Page, a Twitter Handle and other Social Media accounts in its excited attempts to unleash social media marketing. The problem - no concrete social media marketing plan. And understandably, over a period of a few months, the social media presence of the business is one of neglect. No regular content updates, no community curation and BLANK. Unfortunately for the business, the Internet continues to take cognizance of this poor presence and dilutes the businesses' brand.

Delete Facebook Page Three Reasons

Delete Facebook Page - Yes / No / Maybe

The Facebook Page offering is a key social media marketing tool for businesses to establish their presence in Social Media. Naturally, businesses boarded this platform to get "Likes" and develop visibility. But, if this Facebook Page is suffering neglect, soon this thought would present itself - " Delete Facebook Page ". Let us look at some reasons why.

Delete Facebook Page - It is Time

While there could be many reasons, from the trivial to the tactical, the following are some fundamental reasons to consider.

#1 ) Target Audience Missing

Facebook's one billion monthly active users are skewed towards the younger population. Therefore, facebook works best when dealing with a predominant B2C audience. It is found to be ineffective when looking at B2B Lead Generation.

#2 ) Ineffective Content Strategy

A recent study called " Which content works on Facebook? " found that "picture posts" and "photo galleries" had higher virality compared to Links and even Video. Therefore, visual content scores more on Facebook. On the other hand, if your business is high on textual content, needless to mention the going on facebook would be sticky.

#3 ) Resource Crunch

Last but not the least, maintaining a powerful facebook presence is hard work, requiring commitment of valuable business resources. So, if your business has challenges allocating resources to social media marketing and in this case, facebook, it may be time to delete facebook page.All of these are solid reasons to decide deleting a Facebook Business Page. Understandably, it is in the better interest of the business to have "No Presence" than a "Neglected Presence". Did your business "Delete Facebook Page" ? Tell us all about it, we are all ears.This blog post is brought to you by Znbound - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.

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