Croak differently with Inbound Marketing

Ready to jump in the well and die?

Thousands of frogs are already dead.

I am talking to that very young and zealous entrepreneur who was ready with his business plan and wanted to rock this world, but his dream is still a dream.

Like every entrepreneur, you must have researched and made the product capable enough to take on any competition in the market.

So, why didn’t it work? Why were you having trouble? Despite taking all the right steps, destination seemed too far.


Kupamanduka, et tu?

Inbound Marketing

Coming back to my point of frogs in the well. Technically, you are one of those frogs who entered the well and expected great things but died eventually.

Entrepreneurs are still living in an era where quantity is preferred over quality. They just want more people to see their product and expect them to buy. They resort to conventional ways of marketing their product. It is like finding a needle in a haystack.

There is still time to throw the ‘telling theory’ away and start following the ‘talking and listening’ theory.

Well, I am talking about  Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing finds those people who are facing a problem which your product or service can solve. Isn’t that common sense? What better than engage with prospects who are looking for you?

How do they do that?

On Google, Yahoo or any other search engine, now when they search they see few sites listed, 90% people will not go beyond the first page. Some will be talking on Social Media, discussing their problems.

These people are our potential buyers and we need to ‘ATTRACT’ them, which is the first element of Inbound Marketing.

Attract includes Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. This helps your website to rank better and eventually generate organic leads.

So, ‘croak’ a little differently and get all the attention. Who knows someone might seal the deal with a kiss.

Till then, I am all ears to questions on the ‘Attract’ stage

Team Znbound
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