Conversion Optimization – Are you leaving money on the table?

With Inbound Marketing results are rarely instantaneous. As Inbound Marketers, we always try to accomplish those tasks first which will yield instant results, like conversion optimization. No, I am not saying that clients get impatient. It is just about going for the low hanging fruits.Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. We attempted a similar thing for SalesInside Inc. (Not for the first time)Although the results look decent, I wouldn’t call it a success. The job was half done.Here is what happened.

SalesInside Inc is a B2B Marketing Services company in the United States. We have been associated with them since the mid of January this year for Inbound Marketing Services. I was looking at their most visited pages for optimization (Yes, low hanging fruits again).

Conversion Optimization - Are you leaving money on the table?

Obviously, homepage was the most visited one. The On Page SEO was good but there weren’t enough conversion options available – two CTAs both of which led to the ‘contact us’ page. We implemented 7 CTAs below each service description on the homepage. They were all linked to the respective service pages.


There were two primary motives behind this initiative

  • Guide visitors better – Send visitors to respective service pages instead of just “contact us”. This makes the website easy to navigate and also keeps google happy.
  • Boost Conversions – The conversion rate from homepage was poor and needed attention.


We implemented the CTAs on 25th February and when we compare the statistics from 1st Feb – 24th Feb and 1st March – 24th March, this is what the numbers say. (Website traffic for both the periods is similar)

Visits The visits to each of the landing pages has increased, leading to a decline in the visits to the “contact us” page. Surely now, the visitors are being guided correctly.


February to March

Page Views- 501499

Impressions- 2173468

Clicks- 335

The number of clicks have gone up from just 3 in February to 35 in March.


This is where things did not go as expected.

The number of conversions, remained the same.

Maybe we need more data before we call out the final analysis. We are not discouraged, at least the visitors were guided correctly. But, conversion depends on a lot of other factors than just correct guidance – including buying intent.

Team Znbound
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