Classic Landing Page, Classic Performance

We have been associated with SalesInside Inc for well over 5 months now. For those who don’t know – SalesInside is a B2B Marketing Services and lead generation company based out of United States.

Realizing the limited scope in keywords, we made “boosting conversions” as one of our primary objectives. Earlier I had tried putting a stack of CTAs on the home page. Did you read my blog about it?

This time we experimented with A/B testing. We had to use Optimizely, as HubSpot has limited the A/B testing feature to only enterprise users. So, what is A/B testing?

A/B testing allows you to create two versions of the same page and test which is performing better in terms of conversions, engagements and bounce rate.

  • A – Original
  • B – Beta Version

After my experiment with CTAs, we were able to guide visitors to the correct landing pages but conversion rate was still poor.

Clearly we had to improve the existing landing pages. We decided to create a beta version of the most visited landing page and experiment.

The existing landing page had too much content and many links for the visitor to get distracted. Going by the landing pages best practices we incorporated the following changes in our beta version –

  • Clear actionable headline
  • Removed all hyperlinks from the text
  • Removed menu and header
  • Removed footer
  • Reduced the content, easy to read and to the point
  • Used client logos for credibility


Old Landing Page - SalesInside Inc


New Landing Page - SalesInside Inc


I had allocated 50% of the total traffic to each of the landing page versions. The experiment is live since 5th May 2016 and the results were obviously in the favor of new landing page.

Visitors Leads Conversion Rate Original 11532.61% Beta Version 13996.47% Conversions improved 3 fold.

The best part about inbound marketing is that, you get to experiment a lot. Even better when those experiments yield positive results.

Did you experiment with something recently? Do let us know through comments.

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