Cinemagraphs : Take Your Inbound Marketing Campaign To The Next Level

Inbound Marketing Campaign is like cake and Cinemagraph is essentially the“Cherry on top of the Cake”.

Just like the moving photographs in Harry Potter cinemagraphs are looped videos without any visible breaks. By defining what elements are to be static or dynamic a cinemagrapher can tell beautiful stories or create a cinematic experience.

Marketers are using this new visual trick to catch the attention of the audience, maybe for a few seconds.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media distribution is integral to a successful marketing campaign. Due to the ability to A/B Test rapidly it is a phenomenal way to experiment with new formats for both social posts and ad types.

You will know very quickly if a content piece is resonating with your audience and with cinemagraphs you’ll find that engagement will increase exponentially. There was a recent report by Microsoft that detailed the impact of cinemagraphs on social media advertisements.

On Twitter, Microsoft advertisements that featured cinemagraphs targeting SMBs saw an increase of 110% compared to the 1.96% increase in engagement generated by advertisements using still photos.

The effect was felt on Facebook, too; engagement rates increased by 85% with cinemagraph social ads, versus the 0.83% increase in still image ads.

Both established and new brands can stand to gain considerably from adopting a fresh content format.

Email Marketing

B2B Marketing has traditionally used email marketing as a great tool to increase conversion rates but with even B2C companies acknowledging the power of email, it was high time to bring about a revolution!

With every email marketer scrambling to improve campaign performance by driving engagement the optimization of design, visual content and copy are gaining more importance with each day.

According to Experian, 72% of clients who used interesting cinemagraphs observed a higher transaction to click rate.

In the age of short attention spans, short looping GIFs are going a long way to catch the recipient’s attention. But subtle movements are key!

Website Design

Interactive design and engaging websites have been catching the eye of consumers worldwide. With the use of subtle cinemagraphs a cinematic moment can be looped which allows consumers to be engaged, even if they have very short attention spans. Though they are so cinematic they are very easy to embed on your websites. They can be enabled in HD auto loop and autoplay functions while making them optimized for all devices too!

New visitors to, were shown either a cinemagraph or a still image as the hero banner image through an A/B Testing service. What was the result? There was 20% increase in form fills!

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are integral for every marketer wishing to sweeten the deal for a website visitor and draw back in. They are much more effective than traditional ads but how to spice them up even more? Cinemagraphs provide a wonderful alternative to boring old image ads. According to an interesting study by Flixel, the inclusion of a cinemagraph in retargeting ads increased the CTR of it by a considerable 5.6 times!

The best of this is that you can create your own cinemagraphs and use them in all your campaigns to make it successful and eye-catching.

We have created our own set of Inbound Marketing Cinemagraphs, in which we have tried to explain inbound marketing through cinemagraphs. Please feel free to share them.

Merry Christmas!!

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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