Can a new website rank for category keywords within a month?

If you thought ‘No’, you would find this post interesting. Znbound kicked off a brand new assignment, about a month ago.

The assignment is in line with what we do best. A SaaS product company with a focus on the US market; was looking to leverage inbound marketing to add a new avenue to revenue growth. SEO search is a key channel for consistent inbound marketing traffic. Since, we were just starting off, the assumption was that “SEO would take some time”. The assumption was not entirely accurate.

SEO Surprise

First month into the assignment, our SEO team shortlisted a bunch of “commercial and highly relevant” category keywords. Thanks to the availability of existing website pages and blogs, on this website, we were able to promptly optimize some of those category keywords. Category keywords are also sometimes referred to, as non-branded keywords. The “organic difficulty” of these keywords (measured on a scale of ‘0 – 100’) was touching 50. And that meant, high difficulty for a brand new website. But, what happened after SEO optimisation, was a pleasant surprise? Indeed !!!The new website started ranking on Google Page 1. Some keywords were ranking up, above the fold. Beat that.Would you know why this happened? Are you able to attribute any causes to this surprise? Do you have similar examples?

Inferences – Why this might have happened?

A complete analysis of “Why this happened?” will be an ongoing exercise. Nevertheless, here are some intelligent guesses.

  • Niche Market: The customer segment was narrow. On top of that the problem being addressed was in a very specialized domain, with a defined set of prospects.
  • Lazy Competition: Competition exists. But they are not doing enough. On one hand, they are grossly missing in inbound marketing strategy. On the other, the presence of many players, is tacitly giving the search engines, an impression of a ‘fragmented’ market, with no clear leader.
  • Existing Webpage Bank: Unlike some of our earlier inbound marketing assignments, here we were lucky to get a bunch of existing web pages. Existing pages and blogs, not only provided us with pages to optimize keywords, but also “beginners luck”.

There could be more reasons for this quick SERP rise of “category keywords”. Investigations continue.

Team Znbound
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