Business Blogs – Five Reasons Businesses should Blog

Business Blogs are a great way for businesses to communicate about their products, services, and customer experience. And that is why Business blogs are getting a lot of prominence nowadays. As more and more people browse online for their everyday needs, business blogging can make a significant difference in the marketing effort to attract more visitors, thus expanding business.

There are several advantages to maintaining a business blog:

1. Building a list of business prospects

B2C and B2B Lead Generation by asking visitors to leave their name and email ID will help build a list of prospects to aid B2C and B2B Lead Generation. More people visiting the blog, the list becomes longer. Blogs are a good place to gather the specific requirements of visitors and cater to them. Everyone loves customized service, don’t they.

2. Provide a space for interaction with customers and feedbacks

Blogs can be accessed by both existing and prospective customers of a company thus enabling the host company to create a space to interact and exchange ideas. It can be used as the space where visitors can express their opinions on existing products and their expectations from future products. Thus, Business Blogs can go beyond B2B Lead Generation and bring customers into the product development domain.

3. Provide Visibility to the website and increase Network Traffic

Search engines will locate businesses with blogs faster than other websites thereby listing them at the top of the result list. Regularly publishing your blog enables your name, domain name and the blog to appear in the search engine. As you make effort in online marketing, you will become more visible to your targeted customers. Blogs can be used for a variety of reasons like promoting new offers, highlight special and unique features of products, provide answers to FAQs and announce online contests thereby increasing network traffic on the website.

4. Establish a business brand

Adding a few elements like photo and name can help establish a brand name. Adding audio and video where applicable and providing appropriate links also help in establishing an identity for the business.

5. Blogs are now a proven method of Social media marketing

Businesses that blog have benefitted more than the traditional way of marketing in the recent years. Studies suggest that 87% of shoppers trust opinions of their friends over independent editorial reviews. The conversion rate of online sales stemming from visitors to social network sites is 10 times than the overall average.

Business Blogs – Get Going, it’s Easy

Blogs are easy to use and implement. The best part about blogging is that it does not require any special technical expertise. All that is needed is good content and a word processor to type in the content. However including appropriate keywords in the content is critical to enable the search engine to pick the blog. Business blogs are clearly here to stay and considering the tech savvy generation, blogs are the best online tool available to expand business.

Do you write Business Blogs? How has it worked out for your Business? Would you like to share any real examples how Business Blogs worked out for your Business?

Team Znbound
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