Attract Quality Students with a 5 Point Inbound Marketing Plan (Infographic)

Are you familiar with The FIVE Point Plan yet?

Well, you would have been if you had read my latest eBook – How to Attract Quality Students? Writing the eBook was a part of my HubSpot Certification program, one of the important factors for Inbound Mantra (HubSpot Partner).

At first I really faced difficulty writing the eBook but then it all got easy. I was supposed to create three content offers for my certification, one of them being the eBook. It came to my mind, the eBook is quite long, 9 min to be specific, given the fast life these day, would anybody take out time to read the whole eBook?And then my mind clicked and I thought why not make it easier for the readers and bring the HEART of the eBook to a quick 1min infographic? And so I created this.

My creative team member, Rizwan, helped me out with converting 9min information into just a minute infographic.

Take a look :-

Best Marketing Strategy To Attract Students

How did you find the inforgraphic? Would love to know your feedback. Use the comments section below. 

Team Znbound
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