6 Kick-Ass font Combinations for any SAAS Website

Ever got stuck while choosing the best font combinations for your website design project?

After working for almost three months on a Hubspot Marketplace template and learning a whole lot of new things, I finally managed to crack this basic yet very difficult element of any design project.

In these 3 months, I also had to involve my colleague Rahul Rathi, as we went about finalizing some options. It was a very confusing week to 10 days. If you are a designer, I need not explain how frustrating it was. It was a toil of over a week encompassing over about 50 designer hours. And all this is being offered here in this write-up for you to consume in just under 6 minutes. See, you were born lucky!!!

So here are the 6 best combinations and specification for you your next SAAS Website:

1.  Proxima Nova Soft & Source Sans Pro

Proxima Nova Soft

BambooHR is a perfect example of how a rounded version of Proxima Nova (Proxima Nova Soft) can be beautifully paired with a lightweight sans-serif font (Source Sans Pro).

2. Cocogoose, Montserrat & Roboto

Cocogoose Montserrat & Roboto

Don't hesitate to take a bold step and use three different fonts for your website. Collect.io had done it in an amazing way with these fonts- Cocogoose, Montserrat and Roboto.

3. Tiempos Text & Whitney A

Tiempos Text

They say that a serif and a sans-serif make a perfect pair and Wistia agrees to it completely. Take a look at how they paired Tiempos Text and Whitney A for their website.

4. Avenir Next

Avenir Next

The best way of not complicating your design process with font selection is to use different weights of the same font. HubSpot used this method with Avenir Next.

5. Campton W00 & Lyon Text Web

Campton W00 & Lyon Text Web

Want to use sans-serif as heading and serif as paragraph text but not finding the right fonts? Deskpass is a perfect inspiration for you. See how they reversed the game with Campton W00 and Lyon Text Web.

6. Brandon Grotesque & Open Sans

Brandon Grotesque

A clean uppercase for heading can make your design do wonders. Invision will make you fall in love with the combination of Brandon Grotesque & Open Sans.

So next time you don't have to worry about which font combination to be used. You have a perfect solution to this confusion. If you have anymore combinations that have worked for you or your clients, do sound off in the comments below!

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