My first Facebook Ads campaign Experience

A month ago I had graduated from college and joined Znbound. As a novice, I didn’t know how an inbound marketer would enhance the traffic coming to his facebook page.

Think of driving a car on a snow-capped road. That was my situation.I was facing a big challenge.

I asked my mentor in the team. His advice helped me increase my traffic to my page with immediate effect.

Do you know what the advice was?

Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is a service by facebook which helps increase traffic to your page.

Facebook Ads help you draw the attention of your target audience to your advertisement which attracts them to your page.

How do you do it?

First off, you need to have a comprehensive idea of your buyer persona and your budget.

Critical is the understanding of every variable in play. Otherwise, the exercise is the mere equivalent of shooting an arrow in the dark. In order to facilitate the same, you would require a facebook Business Page for your business. The Business Page facilitates helps create both the facebook page and ads account.

Done? Let’s begin with facebook ads.

The idea is to target and bring in the right kind of traffic.The first step is to understand your target audience. Ask.

Who would respond positively after being exposed to your ad?

The clearer you are about the target, the better. Facebook allows you to sharpen your focus with filters that allow you to selectively focus on the basis of country, age, interests, many other factors.

Your targeting, therefore, needs to be absolutely perfect.

After achieving a comprehensive clarity about the target, the next step is to create the ads. The ads you create will require a creative/image to show on facebook.

Your advertisements need to be insightful or address the persona in a way that it raises interest and attracts them.

There is, however, a creative limitation on the text- which should not exceed 20% of the creative. Ads in violation are subject to being disapproved by Facebook. Prejudice needs to be exercised for the same.

Next is your ad budget. Your ad budget defines how many people you can target with a single piece of communication.

Greater the budget, the more you target. Better judgment, however, dictates a fixed budget for every campaign. Another good practice is to choose whether you would like to pay daily or choose a ‘lifetime’ option.

I prefer a lifetime budget.

The last phase is clicking the start button.

Facebook constantly provides reviews for your ads and updates you on the interaction.

This allows you to develop consumer insights and target better in the future.

Always concentrate on your target. if your target is right then you will be able to attract people to your business and, therefore, your business will expand.

If you need help with facebook consult an Inbound marketer  to drive your car of facebook ads in the right direction.

Team Znbound
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