April Fools Day, the Inbound Marketing Way

If your business pursues Inbound Marketing as part of its marketing strategy, you are best placed to take advantage, this April Fools Day.

Here are some ideas to add fun to your Inbound Marketing, this day.

Inbound Marketing Tips for the April Fools Day

# 1 Redirect your Website or Change the Homepage

This is the best one. You can use the April Fools Day excuse, to redirect all your daily traffic either to a new website (with a weird name) or to a landing page on your own website. The theme for the new website or the landing page could be horror, shock, joke or maybe just an image or a video. Take utmost care, not to give out the secret, make the visitors struggle a bit, before they find out what it is. Remember, it is only you, who knows it is April Fools Day; rest of them, including your visitors think it is a Monday – which it is, by the way.

# 2 Go Bonkers on Social Media Marketing

This one is tricky. And it is best used with caution. Change the topic of your social media marketing posts for today. This could put off a few people, who may not understand what is happening. Therefore, it is best to choose a social media marketing platform that has limited daily activity. e.g. it may make sense to choose facebook over twitter, so that you can restrict your “out-of-topic” posts to a minimum. You can be highly creative with your “out-of-topic” posts – take potshots at your competition, post about rock and pop, use politics. Just feel free.

# 3 Email Signature Busted

This one is a Classic. Bust your email signature. Become Abraham Lincoln, Rafael Nadal or anyone you always wanted to be.What is the April Fools Day plan for your Inbound Marketing Agency ? What inhouse pranks have you planned ? Have you recommended any to your Inbound Marketing clients ? Do share !

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Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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