500% increase in Lead Generation through Social Media!

Social, SEO, SEM, PPC…all have different contributions in the field of digital marketing. All of these include both organic seo services and paid services. Since we are an Inbound Marketing Agency, we are experts in growing businesses organically by providing value to our clients.

I have been working with Znbound for 2 months now and have been able to increase traffic and leads through social media and organic search. One of our major clients, DemandFarm is a Saas based B2B Key Account Management Organisation. It’s about –

  • Institutionalizing KAM in a way that the process works for all stakeholders.
  • Bridging knowledge gaps and enabling Key Account Managers to win.
  • Leveraging the power of technology to transform the way Key Accounts are managed and grown.” — says the Co-Founder and CEO of DemandFarm, Milind Katti.

A debatable topic involving the comparison between Organic SEO vs Social Media Marketing is in trend these days. Lets consider the following questions –

  1. Why SEO and Social Media? – This is because they are both organic channels and consistently bring in traffic to the site.
  2. Are both SEO and social media important for organic traffic? – Yes, they are, because we do not require any paid campaigns in these approaches and they both compliment each other. Providing good amount of traffic enabling businesses to take full advantage.
  3. What if I only consider SEO and give lesser priority for social channels (considering they require continuous efforts for content generation?) – A good practice involves prioritizing both, as content is the king and nothing exists if you don’t have a quality content.Also, efforts are effortless(…the irony) in creating content if not circulated widely over social platforms, as most of our potential customers are looking around for reviews, word of mouth, and better insights.

It makes no sense if you own a business and don’t have a website or other means, where a potential lead can contact the owner directly (who might become a customer probably). But, how do SEO and Social media work together?

  • Social Media do not affect rankings directly
  • SEO is not effective if not spread socially

Social Media content not only helps in user engagement but also helps in pushing traffic to the website, impacting the rankings organically. So, social media indirectly influences the websites’ performance in Google SERPs.

On the other hand, if you have good SEO techniques for your website, it is easier to turn visitors into leads and further generate conversions. SEO plays a vital role in Google ranking if done wisely and patiently. It includes a lot of efforts, but with patience and best practices the increase in visitors and leads pay off! Do you know how traffic increases through social media to your website?

Below are few examples to this-

  • Google uses Twitter to search new contents through tweets and these tweets are instantly searchable in SERPs.
  • Pinned posts with strong CTA links leading back to landing pages of the website.
  • Social media tools like Fb live or IG stories give the audiences a more authentic view of the brand.
  • Catchy headlines to Article Topics that will tickle visitors to click the link and visit the website.
  • Writing Content on problem areas which the user are looking around for a solution.

3 things I amplified for my client Demand Farm to increase Traffic and which eventually led to lead generation can be summed up as follows:-

  • Team efforts to spread SM posts regularly
  • Use of Hashtags
  • Creating New Creatives

When social media posts are shared by members of the company it gives a beneficial impact in spreading the news on what they are doing, this is so, because the employees will have similar contacts in their networks. Hence this attracts the right audience. Hence, the published posts that were created for social channels were spread with utmost efforts by their team which ultimately proved beneficial.

I used hashtags in all the posts considering that if someone wishes to search for a term along with a hashtag will get see us in results results…

This improved the chances for audience to reach us thus we were able to attract the interested audiences on the clients portal. Interested users reached the landing page and and therefore increasing the leads. See below the screenshot where I have compared an old post on May and a newer one posted on June and has got the maximum views and clicks.

old social media blog post
new social media blog post

We have analysed these are because followers have lots of information in their home feed, so a visually appealing post with lesser text and proper link has led to rise in valuable leads. My creative team’s efforts ultimately resulted in some attractive creatives inviting interested audience, eliminating few of the factors that previously pushed away the audience. All of these approaches provided good results for my client to attract leads.I now plan to distribute the contents in various media forms so that the client’s portal is even more approachable. This is so because other forms of media are self explanatory to a better extent than creatives and of course spreading them on different platforms will definitely bring in good results.Regular sharing of contents related to the client’s services definitely attracts leads and also help the leads to know about the client’s services in a better way.

This increases the probability of major section of viewers to become a lead and there are high chances that the lead might further spread the posts to his networks.Basis increase in leads, it was also concluded that efforts made in organic SEO for the pages to rank in SERPs have impacted in bringing in more lead flow. Below is a CTA placement idea that was executed on one of the website’s page, which has helped driving in leads through the funnel.

CTA placement in key account management page

This was done to improve the content quality as Google Penguin prioritizes the relevant content. With these, CTA placements at the top, or slide in CTA’s helped in generating more leads for my client. Here is a screenshot of the CTA that were previously missing.

Here below I have shown the metrics and analysis of Social Media posts of DemandFarm in comparison to previous months through various social channels. .


We observed a continuously improving graph in Organic Impressions over the month. These were the impacts of the 3 amplifications discussed above–

LinkedIn impression metric

See below how Organic clicks have increased to 25 in a published post and the rest had started improving thereafter–

LinkedIn organic clicks


We found an increase in Unique Active Users

Facebook graph insights


We almost doubled the Impressions in a span of 2 months(— See below-)

Twitter previous month impressions
Twitter June month impression metrics


The reach has given a positive impact on increasing the leads from 1 to 6 in a month. We observed a 500% increase in leads via social channels—

social media leads image

How many leads have you generated through social media (organic) method? Don’t forget to share us the percentage increased in your leads.

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Team Znbound
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