5 Reasons why Google is like Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War

Last Friday Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most ambitious crossover Avengers Infinity war was released. And it was amazing and everyone loved it. At the office, while we were discussing the possible applications of Machine Learning in getting good SEO result, my mind went on to compare Google as Thanos, the mighty titan, the villain of Avengers Infinity War. And if you look at it, it’s not very far-fetched.

Here are 5 similarities between Thanos and Google, oh and fair warning, major spoilers.

1. They both are Titans

Search giant Google is no less than a titan in our world, given how huge and influential the company is. It has products that affect us every day, with or without, us knowing. In fact, it’s so influential that its name is synonymous with searching things online.

2. They both sacrificed something to gain something

Similar to how Thanos adopted Gamora and sacrificed her to get the soul stone, Google acquired Motorola for around 12 billion dollars and sold it for 3 billion dollar, at a loss, to acquire the patents held by Motorola.

3. Has All The Infinity Stones

Each infinity stone controls an essential part of the universe’s existence. Similarly, Google owns all the essential part of the internet:

  • Search
  • Mail
  • Video
  • Cloud
  • Android
  • Map

4. Both have conquered the world

Similar to how Thanos conquered the world at the end of Infinity War, so did Google with it entering almost everything the Internet can offer, search, mail, phone, video, music, cloud, map etc and it’s ever growing.

5. The Dreadful Snap

Thanos snapped his finger and destroyed half the universe’s sentient living beings. Similarly, every time Google uploads a new update to its search algorithm and all the effort put on SEO goes down the drain in a SNAP!.

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