5 Content Marketing Insights from the iSPIRT Roundtable

Early this April, I got lucky.

I was invited as a guest to cover the 46th iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable on content marketing. iSPIRT roundtables have achieved thought leadership status on all matters related to software product companies whether it is team building, capital raising or content marketing.

This edition of the content marketing roundtable was being led by Wingify – one of the poster boys of India’s growing software products sector. More than 15 product companies had made time to listen to them.

I was the only outsider, still. But, I took copious notes and presented them as vivid as possible. (Look for the complete post on the iSPIRT website) For the benefit of Znbound readers, I am summarizing the most important insights I gleaned from this 6 hour session. Here we go.

1. Founders should write

Wingify’s CEO – Mr Paras Chopra – was unequivocal about this and why not. Who else is best placed to write about a business and its customers? 

2. Content ROI

It matters and it can be calculated.

3. Buyer Personas

If you are doing content without them, you might as well not do content.

4. Outsource vs Inhouse

Outsourcing content does not seem to be working for the companies present in the roundtable. According to them, while outsourced content is good, it is not exciting enough. It does not convey the company’s passion.

5. Being opinionated

Everyone seems to like a debate. Give them one. And it does not end with five. I invite you to read my complete post on the iSPIRT product nation blog here >> Founders should do Content – iSPIRT content marketing roundtable (The complete post)

Rajagopalan Chandrashekar
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