4 Ways to Build a Strong Brand With Inbound Marketing

With the Internet making it easy for all business to enter the digital world and compete for customers, inbound marketing became a huge deal. Today, inbound marketers can help you build a strong brand by incorporating a plethora of methods. I know that this can sound too easy, but it is quite the contrary. Building a strong brand online is like putting brick by brick on a carefully planned construction project, and gluing them together with inbound marketing. In case this metaphor hasn’t made things much clearer, here are the four ways inbound marketing can help you to build a strong brand.

Analytics and Personas

Before even attempting to build your brand or to make it stronger, you have to know what you are doing. Who are the people you are targeting, what problems do they have? How can you help them solve those problems in a unique way?

Say hello to analytics and personas – the alpha and omega of any successful inbound marketing effort. A buyer persona is part descriptive and part quantified representation of your target customer. We are not talking only about demographics here, but also about discovering what makes people tick.

On the other hand, analytics are there to help you connect the dots, attach meaning to your target audience and customer behavior and drive your marketing performance. Some of the metrics to pay attention to include: time spent on the website, traffic, inbound links, lead conversion, close ratio, etc. These metrics will help you see how well your branding strategy is performing at any given point in time.

Online Presence

online presence

Well-established online presence is essential to the success of your brand. Inbound marketing tools can help you capitalize on your existing web presence and extend it to the point of being a powerful channel of communication between your business and your audience. And this communication is characteristic of a strong brand.

The first method used in this instance is keywords targeting. Since you are now operating within the limits of your buyer persona, you will be able to target keywords and continually drive more online traffic to your website. Applying the basic and best SEO practices can help your business climb up to the first page of the SERPs.

Other inbound marketing methods that can help you extend your online presence are email marketing and social media marketing. Email marketing serves to keep the audience in the loop with what’s going on, and SM marketing enables you to establish that important communication we have previously talked about.


If anyone knows the importance of the role content has to play in building a strong brand, it’s the inbound marketers. Nothing can help you drive more traffic and build a stronger brand than compelling nature of the content and the aesthetic appeal of images and infographics.

Starting with a professional logo design and custom-tailored content writing, and all the way up to images used on blog posts and paid ads, everything has to have that compelling and engaging note.

A Good Story

All of the above mentioned inbound marketing methods and strategies will help you to build a good company story, especially the content written in unique style and voice. Inbound marketers usually use content marketing to craft a great story for their clients. This story reflects on blogs, videos, website design, infographics and freebies, such as ebooks and user guides.Inbound marketing is a necessity in the digital age, as there are too many companies fighting for the same piece of cake. This is why digital marketing strategies are a perfect addition to any company’s brand-building arsenal.

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Author – Ines Pljakic

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