3C’s to make your Website Design stand out in 2018

As the New Year inches in so does my turn to write a blog and here I am thinking about all the things I can write about.

I was thinking of a fresh idea that would resonate with people during the time of new beginnings and I thought that the best type of blog would be something that could help people plan their website design in a better way.

While designing, I always try to be experimental but never forget the basics. For me, all the things in design are based on three pillars: Color, Contrast, and Content.

So, let us talk about the trends around these 3C’s that you need to keep in mind to stand out in 2018.


Bright Colors

  • Remember when Instagram introduced their flat design and multi-colored gradient logo? It was widely panned but they set the tone for 2017. In 2017, multiple companies changed logos, buttons, and other elements to include more beautiful colors that were bright but not flashy. 2018 too is set to see the revolution continue!
  • The biggest reason for this revolution? In an oversaturated social media, using bright colors allows brands to stand out!

Courtesy: Bluestone98

Courtesy: ESL Global

Vibrant Gradients

  • The past few years have centered around flat design over dimensional colors. A great example is the Apple iOS icons that looked lightly 3D. But now vibrant gradients reminiscent of the 80’s flower child years are making a huge comeback!
  • Now, gradients are larger than life and vibrantly colorful. The most recent example? Our love for Instagram filters that can make even a cup of coffee look intriguing. A simple gradient background is a perfect way to make your web design standout.

Courtesy: Elje Group

Courtesy: Stripe

Pantone shade

The Pantone color of the year generally sets the path for web design for the year. For 2018, Ultraviolet a beautiful vibrant eggplant has been chosen. A great color that is inventive and imaginative which can bring a beautiful out worldliness to your designs!

Courtesy: WDKA, News Corp Benefits, BDDI 2018


Oversized type

Is bigger better? Designers certainly think so! In 2017 there have been single work homepages and interesting typefaces with splashes of gorgeous color where the text has been the king. With text being so important, types play a huge role in grabbing attention.In 2018, these larger than life typefaces are set to become even more so!

Courtesy: Lonely Leap

Typography Contrast- Serif is coming back

Bold typefaces have been making a comeback because of strong hero style images with text overlays. Although they’ve all been centered around sans serif options serif is slowly sneaking in to make a big splash in 2018. Are you ready for it?

Courtesy: Pomegranate Travel

Irregular Grid Layouts

  • Grid layouts have been a great way for designers and brands to tie together all the elements of their website without much thought. But in 2017 there was a paradigm shift in the way they were being deployed. There was a great use of asymmetrical and “broken” layouts that allowed brands to create unique, distinctive and beautifully experimental websites.
  • Conventional layouts will still continue to litter the interweb but risk-taking startups and well-established brands may be interested in creating an out-of-the-box aesthetic that can make them unique.

I recommend letting go of the traditional system but a quick caveat, don’t do it because “everyone’s doing it”, do it because it can mean something big for your brand!

Courtesy: Veintidos Grados


Photo Content

E-commerce has always understood the importance of rich and beautiful product photography. But in 2018 unique influencer and author pictures will make a huge impact on buyers and brands better start taking notice.

Courtesy: Kungyokudo

Explainer Videos

They’ve been around for awhile and will continue to be huge gamechanger for years to come. With brands reaching the pinnacle of innovation and creating products never seen before product videos will become even more important.

Courtesy: Uber

Delete Lorem Ipsum

Ever seen a gorgeous design but unable to visualize it owing to sad latin text and boring images? I have!Working on our recent HubSpot Marketplace addition, I realized that designing with powerful content allows you a deep understanding of how a page will function and bring about a cohesiveness in the design.

Courtesy: Millie Bobby Brown COS Pack

So these are some trends that I am most excited about or looking forward to in the new year of design. Is there something you are noticing that I missed in this roundup?

Team Znbound
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