30 Lessons I Learned at Znbound in 30 Days !

July 1st this year had been tremendously special for me for two reasons. One, this was the day I completed one month at my workplace i.e., Znbound.

Two, because it gave me the joy and a sense of accomplishment of having earned my first salary ever. Reflecting upon my one month’s journey, I realized it had been a wonderful one. Rather a roller coaster ride: Ups and Downs, Rounds and Rounds.

But it was the journey that mattered, the lessons learnt and even though I look forward to many more such months to come in future, it would only be wise to look back as well.

There is so much that I’ve discovered along the way and I’ve realized that the thing with life’s lessons is that they’re learned in retrospect, only after we needed them. And I’m glad I was presented with learning opportunities at Znbound. The good thing is others learn from the lessons we have learned and leverage its benefits and vice-versa. Therefore, I’m rounding up 30 lessons I’ve learned at Znbound for my journey of 30 days so far. Here you go:

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Start Small: Everyone has to start somewhere and you don’t need a lot to do it. Don’t be afraid to get started because you think it takes a lot to be something in this world.
  2. Value over Price. Anyday: Always think in terms of value — not price. Always evaluate on the basis of the value that something or someone brings to the table. Value your customers, aim for their appreciation and love. Price is arbitrary.
  3. You Are Not a Chocolate, You Can’t Please Everybody: Haters gonna hate. Find your audience in life and speak to them. Time spent trying to convert haters is time lost forever and you are unlikely to succeed – and who cares anyway!
  4. Learn How To Plan Effectively: This step is so important on so many levels. Plan the most important tasks that need to get done in the beginning of your day; this allows you to get the most important thing out of the way first.
  5. There’s No Shame In Not Knowing: No one has it all figured out. We learn as we go, that’s life. A little vulnerability makes you human and oh so much more relatable.
  6. As Long As You’re Moving, You’re Good:  Sometimes our dreams fail and sometimes we just change our minds mid-course. Sometimes we have to flop to find the right course and sometimes we just have to try a few things before we find the right direction.
  7. Productivity: Multitasking doesn’t mean greater productivity. Don’t strive to be a “good multitasker”. Productivity is what matters in the end.
  8. It’s a Roller Coaster Ride: There will always be another road, another mountain. There are professional failures you can’t predict, opportunities that end up being too good to be true, and moments when you don’t live up to your potential. Just enjoy the thrills !
  9. No Red Flags: You will never truly be done. Learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
  10. Bring a Notebook Everywhere. Naah:  We don’t promote paper-work at Znbound, either with the clients, or in the internal management. The sword empowered one man over another. The pen empowered single men over the masses.  The Internet has empowered us all. No voice unheard. This is evolution.  And I’m glad I’m a part of this environment friendly evolution! #PrinterFreeOffice
  11. Plus +1 Everyday: Success isn’t overnight. It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up ! Be a better you at all that you choose to do.
  12. Setting Priorities: Put priorities under review, as what is important today might not be as important tomorrow. Realizing how the context changes is imperative, so as to adjust the plans accordingly.
  13. It Is Okay To Be Not Okay: No matter how carefully you plan and how hard you work, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to… and that’s ok.
  14. Take Stock Of Your Exercises: Become mindful of all your activities, keep track of time, work and effort you put into your daily activities. Check how these activities are aligned to your goals and progress. It is important to have a reality check once a week to establish S.M.A.R.T goals.
  15. When Life Gives You Too Much Work, Just Play: Switch off the mind, switch on the music and dance when you experience life at a rate of several WTFs per day. The idea is to boost yourself up while your motivation goes to sleep.
  16. Transparency: Transparency requires both great technology and a company culture centered on openness. The result: increased productivity and trust.
  17. Clear Cut Strategy: It isn’t enough to envision your goals in your mind. You must have a blueprint on paper. Every decision you make, ask yourself: does this help me get closer to my vision?
  18. Can-Do Attitude: Enthusiasm is infectious at Znbound. If one feels motivated, the pack follows. And then we are invincible. Sometimes it is just a spark that’s needed.
  19. Delegate Firmly: Being a good delegator requires you to be aware of those around you and so give the right task to the right person. Test people’s strength and allow them to grow by taking action.
  20. Being Patient With Yourself: Developing skills requires time, especially as you adjust to new place. You feel dumb when the work is alien to you. Reach out to colleagues and your boss when you need it. You evolve small but healthy choices makes big differences in the long run. Stay positive and determined to learn.
  21. It is Always About Us, Not I: Team is to consider one’s problem as everybody’s problem. It also means to share knowledge and empower others because two heads are always better than one.
  22. Feedback Is The Key: Feedback’s approach is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking a series of thoughts rather than giving plain directions. It focuses on helping a person learn in ways which  allows him or her growing thereafter. It also addresses questions like, where are you now and where do you want to go.
  23. Having a Powerful Comeback: Leads goes up and down. But determination stays forever. Learn, assess, address and implement. Keep calm and never give up.
  24. Personal Growth: Excel few skills and become the “go to person” for those skills at work. Keep up with advancements in your field by networking with people in similar field.
  25. Beat The Rush: Leaving for work 5-10 mins earlier than usual can save a great deal of stress and make your morning more relaxed. Rushing on the other hand can put you in bad stead for the rest of the day. It was never a good day that day.
  26. Create a Personal Brand:  Making a career brand is making a promise to the people you want to be associated with. Make yourself searchable by leaving a digital trail at various places . Refine your profile. Aggregate your work and ideas.
  27. Practice Autonomy: Being autonomous has all good things to it. Assess, evaluate, strategize and implement. All by yourself. But if the failure happens it is also your own responsibility. Practice it wisely.
  28. Don’t Be a Rookie: Problem identification is one thing, turning it around is another. Go solve it like a Pro !
  29. Extend a Helping Hand: This is when I leave the 30th point on you to contribute to. Because I can’t think of one :p

Leave a comment with #30 and share your learning experiences. Would love to read and relate 😀

Team Znbound
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