How Chatspot Will Revolutionize Communication


Chatspot is a revolutionary new chat platform that is revolutionizing the way people communicate online. It is a secure, private, and easy-to-use platform that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time. With Chatspot, users can create their own chat rooms, invite friends, and even share files. Chatspot is designed to be a safe … Read more

Keyword cannibalization eats up your website

keyword cannibalization seo znbound

Keyword cannibalization is a funny term. But, it can literally spell death to an afflicted website. Keyword cannibalization is a SEO term used to describe the situation where multiple pages on a website are competing for the same keyword or phrase. This can lead to confusion for search engines, which can result in lower rankings … Read more

Subdomain SEO can make you sob ;_;


Don’t go wrong with subdomain SEO. Never. Znbound did and paid the price. In 2023, be very careful when considering subdomains for SEO best practices. It is best to never bring subdomains into the equation if SEO growth is your objective. Simple. Because if you do, you risk being cannibalized. In SEO best practices, the concept … Read more

Choosing the right inbound marketing agency

choosing inbound marketing agency

Inbound Marketing has become an indispensable customer acquisition channel for all businesses. All forward-looking businesses have invested a considerable portion of their marketing budgets in inbound marketing. It’s a way of creating educational assets and marketing strategies to benefit the consumer and in turn getting business by proving your expertise to them. Businesses have generated … Read more

HubSpot’s India

hubspot india's future

It was 09.40 P.M. on a pleasant Saturday evening (April 2016) that I found myself walking up the entrance slope of the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. I was excited, despite the hurried up dinner. For I was to meet someone leading HubSpot’s marketing initiatives in the Asia Pacific. As I made into the entrance … Read more

Two Things 2019

Inbound marketing 2019

Last new year’s eve, I had taken time off. It was fun. I will never forget. Standing soaked in the rain with family and rest of the humanity at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 2002 in Mumbai at Marine Drive was one other New Year welcome, I remember witnessing. Don’t you find all this too complicated? … Read more

How well did this B2B lead generation LinkedIn campaign perform?

lead generation linkedin sponsored update example

Znbound recently did a B2B Lead Generation LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign for a client. In this post, I present the results of this campaign. You could use these to make decisions on LinkedIn Marketing budgets for your business or your clients. The client is the first product in your tech stack that’s designed for you … Read more

AI in Marketing heralds mankind

ai marketing

“A year spend in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God” – Alan Perllis Isn’t the above quote wonderful? I love it. I am old. But when it comes to marketing, I am fairly young. Some of my senior industry colleagues tell me that marketing used to be ‘simple’. I sense they were … Read more